Teddy Bubble Rescue

Teddy Bubble Rescue is an animal rescue bubble-popping game. The teddy bear babies of a black-and-white panda bear named Teddy are trapped in bubbles in patterns across levels. Teddy needs the player`s help to pop clusters of three or more bubbles with matching projectiles. The game features 23 standard levels and a 24th endless or infinite play level. The player must also attempt to collect all three stars available per level via quick and efficient actions.

This game doesn`t feature a traditional shooter scenario with an arrow, cannon or ring shooter. Instead, the player prompts Teddy to throw matching projectile bubbles into the air at targeted connected bubbles hanging in a pattern on the playfield. They can swap the projectile at any time by using a computer keyboard or selecting arrows on the bamboo basket that holds a floating secondary projectile.

The player earns the most points by performing certain tasks. For example, they earn higher points when they perform angle shots off the bamboo side walls and target clusters above non-matching bubbles to cause a cascade avalanche. They earn bonus combo points when they pop bubbles in a streak. They also earn additional points for every projectile that they don`t use, which means that they earn more points when they complete a level with few projectiles. Lastly, the player can double their score at the end of a level by watching an ad video.

Teddy Bubble Rescue displays the number of remaining projectiles and moves at all times in the lower-left corner. It displays the score in the upper-left corner.

How to Play:

Review the two projectiles and the pattern of bubbles. Look for the trapped baby teddy bears. Use the white dots of the aiming line to target specific bubbles closest to the babies. Complete the task to win the level.


Keyboard: To swap bubbles, press the B key.
Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To prompt Teddy to toss a bubble, slide the mouse and click.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To make Teddy throw a bubble, slide the finger or stylus and tap.

Teddy Bubble Rescue
Teddy Bubble Rescue.

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