Winter Bubbles

Winter Bubbles is a bubble-popping game that features a wonderful winter wonderland theme. Across 48 levels, the player uses round holiday candle projectiles to pop candles, cake roll slices and other objects hanging from the top of the playfield. Their goal is to collect golden bells placed among the bubbles and earn the highest score possible.

The player uses an arrow shooter to direct a projectile at two or more matching linked candles on the field with each shot. The game makes this task difficult by not providing an aiming or targeting line and moving the silver tip of the arrow in and out of the shooter in a distracting way. It also forces timed play on a timer that counts down at the upper-left corner.

When the player succeeds, the bubbles transform into multiple smaller matching bubbles that disappear as they drop down the screen. The game tracks the player`s score at the upper-right corner. If they finish before time runs out, they receive a time bonus on top of their normal score.

Winter Bubbles offers several power-ups and other tools. For example, if the player hits a balloon with any color of projectile, it acts like a bomb and clears away any object bubbles in the blast radius. Rainbow pinwheels remove horizontal rows of objects.

How to Play:

Shoot candle projectiles at candles and other objects. Remove clusters of three or more candles by color. Use power-ups and other tools to beat the clock.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a matching candle projectile, drag the mouse in the direction that aligns the arrow with a target, and then click the left button once.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag the finger or stylus to align the targeting arrow, and then tap the trackpad or screen once.

Winter Bubbles
Winter Bubbles.

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