Bubble Hamsters

Bubble Hamsters is a bubble-popping game that features adorable hamsters trying to collect sunflower seeds trapped in bubbles. It`s a bright, sunny day with clouds floating gently by, but Robert Jr. and Missy aren`t able to enjoy it. They can`t collect enough sunflower seeds without the player`s help. They need the player to accurately shoot the bubbles that contain the seeds using a crossbow shooter with a bolt-style arrow. The player completes the task on each level when they earn a specific number of points and release every seed from the rows of bubbles hanging in the sky.

The player can only pop three or more bubbles of the same color with projectiles released from the shooter. They can swap the projectiles at any time by selecting the secondary one in a nearby holder marked with red-and-white stripes in a circle and swirling golden energy. If the player does well, the seeds fall out of the popped bubbles. If they take too much time, the game drops another horizontal row of bubbles onto the playfield. If the rows reach a dashed line near the shooter, the game ends.

That said, Bubble Hamsters provides the player with tools that help make the collection process easier. It supplies a targeting line made of cream-colored dots for aiming at specific bubbles and gaps between bubbles. It also supplies a special star bubble that releases all the seeds with one hit and rewards bonus points after they pop clusters of bubbles a specific consecutive number of times.


If the player visits the home screen for any reason, the game might reset their progress to Level 1. If this happens, they must start over from the beginning.

How to Play:

Find two or more linked bubble that match the bubble projectile in the shooter or in the secondary holder. If necessary, switch projectiles. Use the aiming dots for precision hits. When available, use the star bubble.


Mouse: Click buttons. To use the hamsters` crossbow, slide the mouse in a direction, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To use the crossbow, slide the tip of the finger or stylus, and then tap the trackpad or screen.

Bubble Hamsters
Bubble Hamsters.

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