Bubble Invasion

Bubble Invasion is a bubble-popping game. Against a royal blue background, the player pops clusters of three or more bubbles hanging in rows on each level`s playfield with projectiles. They perform this task to locate and pop a rainbow-striped bubble that features a golden star at its center. When they pop this target, all remaining bubbles detach from the top of the field, drop down the screen, and pop.

The player uses a basic gradient-white arrow shooter. They receive a main projectile and a preview of the next one near it. They must use exact targeting to pop and remove clusters. Thankfully, they don`t need to clear away every bubble to win.

Bubble Invasion challenges and aids the player in many ways. To make play more difficult, it makes the hanging rows slide down the field rapidly. It also turns on distracting warning notifications when the bubble rows reach a specific spot (i.e., a triangular yellow warning sign with a black exclamation point and a black-and-yellow, striped horizontal line).

That said, to make play easier, the game also provides helpful tools. The player can use bomb bubbles to cause a chain reaction in a blast zone, lightning bubbles to clear horizontal rows, and stopwatch bubbles to slow the slide. Additionally, the game supplies them with three rainbow bubbles per hit to target any cluster without a matching projectile.

How to Play:

Target two or more bubbles hanging on the field with a matching projectile. Shoot to pop the bubbles. Use projectiles to also hit booster-style bubbles to activate the boosters on the field or create special projectiles.


Mouse: Click buttons. To aim the arrow and shoot, slide the mouse in a direction until the arrow tip aligns with the target, and then click.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To aim and shoot, slide the finger or stylus to align the arrow tip with the target, and then tap.

Bubble Invasion
Bubble Invasion.

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