Emoji Pop

Emoji Pop is a bubble-popping game that features different types of smiley-face emojis in place of bubbles on rows across the playfield. The game interface matches similar classic games, except that it features this emoji theme. The player`s goal is to remove bubbles from the field and earn the highest score. They perform this task by shooting projectiles at the rows.

The player receives a classic arrow shooter with a sky blue arrow and a projectile at the base. They use projectiles to create groups of three or more matching emojis. If they remove non-matching emojis at the same time, they receive a higher score. They can track their score at the bottom-right corner next to a star icon.

The game provides the player with a preview of the next available emoji projectile to the left of the score area. The player uses this preview to create strategies when shooting. They might prepare to remove another group of emojis or start the creation of a future group with one row emoji and the projectile.

Emoji Pop features mistake-forgiveness gameplay as well. The player receives five emojis near the bottom-left corner. Every time they fail to remove a group of matching emojis for any reason, one of these emojis fades. When they lose five, the game rolls another row of emojis onto the field. It then takes the player longer to clear the field.

If the player fails enough times and allows the emojis to slide to a position just above the base of the arrow shooter, they lose the game. This bubble-popping game doesn`t provide the player with a warning line. As a result, they must always attempt to keep the emojis away from the shooter.

How to Play:

Review all of the emojis on the playfield, including the rows, the projectile and the next projectile. Direct the arrow to point at two or more matching emojis to pop a group or a single matching one to prepare a future group. Shoot at the rows.


Mouse: Click buttons. Click to shoot emojis.
Mobile: Tap buttons. Tap to shoot emojis.

Emoji Pop
Emoji Pop.

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