Play Yahtzee online. The player rolls dice repeatedly with the goal of earning the highest score possible against one, two or three virtual players. 

They start by selecting the number of players. The gameplay area offers a green dice roll zone with a virtual scorecard display on a walnut tabletop. In multiplayer games, the other players have similar zones above and to the sides of the display.

The game divides the scorecard into Top and Bottom side-by-side sections. The Top section features scoring spots across six categories (Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives and Sixes) and Top Bonus and Top Total areas. The Bottom section has scoring spots across seven categories (3 of a Kind, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Little Straight, Big Straight, Yacht or 5 of a Kind, and Chance) and Bottom Total and Final Total areas.

When it's the player's turn, they roll five dice up to three times with a dice button to reach scoring goals. For example, in the Top section, they might attempt to achieve a specific sum of all dice of a number. In the Bottom section, they might attempt to achieve the highest "of a Kind" score. To help them see the possibilities, the game auto-updates the scorecard with scoring options after each roll.

Yacht Dice Game allows the player to lock parts of a score between rolls by selecting individual dies on the horizontal bar. A locked die displays a padlock. With this method, the player can more easily achieve their goals.

For example, if they have two sixes, they might try to roll three more or a single six to achieve the 3 of a Kind. They might also attempt to achieve a Little Straight or Big Straight. If they roll five of the same, they reach Yacht!

How to Play:

Select the number of players. Use the dice button. Select one of the score buttons during each turn. If no other option exists, select a 0 score. Complete the scorecard. Attempt to earn a high Top Bonus.


Mouse: Click buttons.
Mobile: Tap buttons.


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