Connect 4

Connect 4, is a turn-based, strategy-logic-and-prediction puzzle game. The player wins by strategically placing colored discs in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line on a dark blue grid positioned in front of a two-tone gray, lined background. The player can choose to play one-on-one against the game's AI system or another player.

After selecting a mode of play, the player follows the prompt to either start or wait for the other player to start. Each player receives one-color solid discs. With a large white down-pointing arrow as a guide, the first player drops a disc into one of the grid's seven columns. They then wait for the other player to drop a piece. During AI play, the game prompts the current player via a Player Turn area at the bottom-right corner. With two live players, it prompts the current player with a Player # Area. 

During the turn-taking, each player attempts to also block the other player from making a connect-four line by predicting the other player's strategy and accurately dropping a disc to block line creation. The turn-taking continues until one of the two players creates a four-disc line in any direction or the game ends with a stalemate. When someone wins, the discs take on a reflective shine. If the player wants to restart or end a game, they can use the circular arrow and X buttons, respectively, at the top-right corner.

Straight 4 tracks the time for the game at the bottom-center of the screen below the grid. It assigns points based on bonus times and bonus wins.

How to Play:

Select a gameplay mode. When prompted, drop a disc. Try to create a four-disc line and block the other player's attempts to do the same.


Mouse: Click buttons. To direct the movement of the guide arrow, slide the mouse. To drop a disc, click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To direct the guide arrow, slide the finger or stylus. To drop a disc, tap the touch screen or pad.

Connect 4
Connect 4.

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