Chess Grandmaster is a challenge and training game based on classic chess. The player competes against the game's AI system in either a single match in the Quick Match mode or hundreds of matches in the Puzzles mode. Their only goal is to complete the requirements of the match and catch their opponent's king. 

With the Quick Match mode, the player attempts to win each match at an easy, medium or hard difficulty level. With the Puzzles mode, they attempt to reach checkmate within two, three or four moves in various scenarios.

The player can only place a king in check when a piece is within one move of the king. For checkmate, the player's opponent can't block the check or move to a square free of the potential for an attack.

The game also acts like a real-world chess simulator that the player can use for training purposes. On the home screen, it provides access via a Help icon to an informative breakdown of the rules that control the movements of each of the pieces (i.e., pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queens and kings) and the most common types of strategic moves. Additionally, it uses green highlighting to illuminate the spaces the player can use with specific pieces.

How to Play:

Choose the Quick Match or one of the Puzzles options. If selecting Quick Match, choose a difficulty level and army color (i.e., black and white or white and blue). If selecting Puzzles, choose 2 Moves, 3 Moves or 4 Moves. Make strategic decisions. Follow the rules of chess for every piece to achieve the desired results for a match. If available, use the hint lightbulb for extra guidance.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. To move any piece, click the piece, and then one of the highlighted squares.
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons. To move any piece, tap it, and then a highlighted square.


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