Classic Backgammon is a virtual version of the popular board game. The player's goal is to transfer, or bear off, their disc pieces to a vertical storage space to the right of the outer left and inner right boards within a wooden, foldable box before their AI or live opponent. They perform this task by using the results of dice throws to reposition the pieces on 24 alternating-color spiked triangles known as points in four quadrants of six points spread across the upper and lower areas of the boards.

The game automatically assigns cream or red discs and points and distributes the discs around the board. The player then uses a button marked with dice. Although the result is entirely based on luck, they can use different strategies to bear off their discs when following a horseshoe-shaped path around the boards. 

For example, the player might attempt to force one of their opponent's pieces onto the central raised area, the bar, that displays two metal hinges. This move lengthens the time it takes for their opponent to move around the boards. The game penalizes the opponent by moving one of their discs automatically to the bar if it lands on a point already occupied by one or more of the player's pieces.

The player can play the value of a dice throw twice if they roll a double. If they win without their opponent moving any discs to storage, they achieve a win at double the normal value, or gammon. If the opponent has any piece in their home area or on the bar when the player bears off all pieces, they achieve a backgammon and triple the win.

How to Play:

Select the AI or two-player mode. When prompted, use the dice button. Select a disc to reveal the available, highlighted points. Transfer the piece to one of these areas. Try to force one or more of the opponent's pieces onto the bar. Remove all discs first.


Mouse: Click buttons. To reposition a disc, select it and then a point.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To move a piece, select it and then a point.


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