Monopoly is a high-quality, three-dimensional version of the classic economics and real estate board game. During turn-based play with two, three or four players, the player attempts to buy up properties, railroads, utilities and other structures around the city represented along the edges of the board and prevent going bankrupt before the other players.

The game allows the player to select a username, color and token. Classic metal tokens include the battleship, iron, racecar, Scottie dog, shoe, thimble, top hat and wheelbarrow. The game also gives the player a $1,500 starting bank balance. Once the other players make their selections, a living room appears on the screen. The game takes place on a brown coffee table with a realistic Monopoly board, money and tokens for each player and dice.

During the player's turn, they use a button to prompt the game to roll a pair of dice. The game then automatically moves the player's token around on the board spaces based on the sum of the number of pips on the two dice. The last space dictates the player's next actions. For example, they might receive a prompt to buy a property, pull a card from the community chest and follow the instructions, pull a card from a chance pile and receive good or bad luck, or even pay income tax. They might also go to jail and lose money from their bank balance or receive a free parking space that allows them to roll a second time.

How to Play:

Select a number of players. Enter a username and make color and token selections. Roll the dice. Make decisions based on the outcome, such as buying property, accepting income, or paying taxes or fines. Use the list button to see a top-down view of the table. Buy as much property as possible. Wait for other players to take their turns. Last until they go bankrupt.


Mouse: Click buttons and icons. 
Mobile: Tap buttons and icons.


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