Ludo Online

Ludo Hero is an online multiplayer cross-and-circle game with a racing element that requires die-toss, turn-based play. It's a version of the classic board game Ludo that features blue, green, yellow, and white home positions and tracks with spaces that the player uses to race peg-figure tokens. The player's goal is to beat up to three opponents by racing their four tokens along white and then color-matched paths to reach their arrowhead finish zone first.

The player starts by selecting an avatar, inserting a username, selecting the Vs Bot option against the AI system or the Online Mode option against other live players, and then choosing the 2 Players or 4 Players option. After the game assigns them a color, they roll an on-screen die to determine the lead player to start the game. 

Once it's the player's turn, they roll the die to attempt to leave the home position and determine the number of spaces to move their first token. They can only leave the home square after rolling a six. The game automatically directs the pieces. If it directs their token onto a space already taken by another player's token, it bumps the piece back to the home area. That said, they don't need to worry if the space features a star design and their color.

Ludo Hero offers several forms of idle play. If the player doesn't want to manually roll the dice, they can select their avatar's image to turn on an auto-play feature. If they don't select it before time runs out during Online Mode, the game automatically completes that turn.

This game also features four minigames unrelated to Ludo. The player can try their luck with Guess the Number, Match the Cards, Simon Says and Maze Challenge games.

How to Play:

Select avatar, username and play options. Manually make the die roll or turn on the auto-play.


Mouse: Click buttons and the die. To turn on auto-play, double-click the avatar image.
Mobile: Tap buttons and the die. To turn on auto-play, double-tap the avatar.

Ludo Online
Ludo Online.

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