Bubble Shooter Colors

Bubble Shooter: Colors Game is a bubble-popping game that features flat, colored circles instead of three-dimensional bubbles. As with other classic-interface bubble shooters, it requires the player to remove rows of bubbles from the playfield and achieve a high score.

The game has an incredibly basic interface, with an orange line frame forming the edges of the playfield on an all-white background. The arrow shooter is a purple line drawing with a double arrowhead pointer. No other targeting option exists.

The player shoots colored circle projectiles at two or more connected matching-color circles in rows positioned across more than half of the field. When they hit a target and create a three-plus cluster, the circles turn clear except for retaining an outline and central popping color before disappearing entirely. The game also pops non-matching circles attached to an open side or the bottom of the cluster.

Bubble Shooter: Colors Game displays a preview projectile to the left of the shooter. Although this preview provides the player with a chance to prepare their next shot before the projectile slides to the shooter, they can`t swap it to make consecutive hits happen more frequently.

If any projectile doesn`t create a cluster that pops circles, the player receives a free pass without penalty. They continue to receive passes (i.e., five total) until they run out of gray circles to the left of the preview projectile. The game then penalizes them by dropping another horizontal row of mixed-color circles onto the field.

How to Play:

Create and pop linked circle-style bubbles with color-matched projectiles. Use the preview to plan hits. Attempt as many consecutive hits as possible to prevent a penalty. After clearing the field or losing the game, receive a brass, silver or gold trophy.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot colored circles, drag the mouse to point the arrow at a target, and then click the left button.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, drag the finger or stylus to point the arrow, and then tap the trackpad or touchscreen.

Bubble Shooter Colors
Bubble Shooter Colors.

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