Sea Bubble Shooter

Sea Bubble Shooter is a bubble-popping game. In a deep, underwater city, the player pops bubbles that appear in patterns around a star-decorated hexagon shape at the center of the playfield. They remove bubbles by shooting projectiles at two or more identical adjacent bubbles. They can also clear the field of bubbles by hitting the hexagon with a single projectile.

When the player shoots bubbles at a pattern around the hexagon, the entire pattern rotates. The player might need to anticipate the direction of the rotation. They can perform more accurate targeting and shots by using a stretchable white aiming line that they pull from the projectile area below the playfield to a specific bubble or other spot. They can also remove bubbles quickly using four boosters near the bottom-right corner.

If the player fails to pop bubbles a certain number of times, new bubbles form and expand in empty random spaces within the pattern. They also lose the opportunity to win all of the achievement stars that the game rewards them.

Sea Bubble Shooter only gives all three stars to the player when they perform extremely well. It rewards them with currency as well. Once they acquire a certain number of stars, they can unlock new playfield environments. They can use the currency to purchase additional boosters.

How to Play:

Review the projectiles at the bottom of the screen and the pattern of bubbles around the hexagon. If necessary, target a spot with the aiming line. Shoot a projectile at three or more matching bubbles. Open a path to the hexagon. Use boosters. Shoot the hexagon to clear the field.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot, position the cursor on a spot by sliding the mouse, and then click. To make the aiming line appear, press the left button, and slide the mouse to stretch the line to a spot.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot, position the cursor by sliding a finger or stylus, and then tap. To make the aiming line appear, press the trackpad or screen, and slide the finger or stylus.

Sea Bubble Shooter
Sea Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter