7 Words

7 Words: 777 Word Puzzles is a word-puzzle game that contains 777 levels. The player receives seven on-screen definitions. They must attempt to guess each of the words that match these definitions by using blue tiles marked with short groups of white letters.

The player begins the game by selecting a puzzle from one of the batches of levels available or by allowing the game to select a random puzzle. They access these options using one of three buttons on the home screen. Once they access a level, they use the empty charcoal gray spaces to the right of a definition as a hint for selecting at least one of the tiles for the word that has a matching number of letters. If they make the wrong selection, they can use the X icon to undo their last move.

7 Words also provides the player with a button marked with an AZ and a down arrow that allows them to reorder the tiles alphabetically in descending order to help them think of words. The button next to it, marked with two intertwined arrows, shuffles the tiles into a random order. Lastly, the button labeled 3 Hints marks a definition bar and a tile with orange highlighting. The player is forced to take a more than two-minute break after every three uses of this button.

How to Play:

Read the seven unique definitions. Review the groups of letters on each of the tiles. As with a crossword puzzle, imagine a word that might fit one of the definitions and the available tiles. Guess the word. Continue to guess all seven words. Use the tools provided by the game to reorder the tiles or provide orange-highlighted hints about the words. Use all the tiles below the definitions. Play every one of the 777 levels in order or randomly.


Mouse: Click buttons, icons and tiles.
Mobile: Tap buttons, icons and tiles.

7 Words
7 Words.

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