Arkadium Codeword

Arkadium's Codeword is an untraditional crossword puzzle game. Classic crossword games provide a player with a phrase or question to guess the correct word in a specific area of connected horizontal and vertical empty spaces that represent crossed words. Codeword provides the player with empty spaces, a few pre-inserted letters, and two vertical columns of the letters of the alphabet to the right of the puzzle.

The player attempts to guess a word with only these initial offerings. When they select a space to insert a letter, the square turns yellow. If they use a letter, the letter tile turns gray. Unused letter tiles remain blue. Every time the player adds a letter to a space, the game updates all spaces that feature the same letter and number. It indicates these spaces beforehand with a yellow outline around each relevant square. These new letters can help the player increase the number of accurate guesses.

Arkadium's Codeword offers the player a literal cheat tool in the form of an icon that looks like an opened eye. Any time the player uses it, the game automatically inserts a correct letter into the empty space or spaces it belongs in on the puzzle. When the player completes a puzzle, they receive bonus points if it's the puzzle for that day. They can always choose the current date or a previous calendar month and day.

The game keeps track of the player's daily errors, scores and bonuses and monthly points. If the player wants to play offline at any time, they can print a puzzle by using the icon that looks like a printer.

How to Play:

Play the practice puzzle round. Select a day or month and day. If desired, print the puzzle. Review the pre-inserted letters and the number of spaces in the rows and columns. Attempt to guess a word based on the letters and length of the potential word. When absolutely necessary, use the eye icon. 


Keyboard: Arkadium's Codeword words with a keyboard. After selecting a letter space, use the letter keys and Arrows to insert words and navigate the spaces. To erase a letter, use Backspace.
Mouse: Click buttons, spaces, letters and icons.
Mobile: Tap all elements.

Arkadium Codeword
Arkadium Codeword.

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