Outspell is a word-puzzle game that combines elements from a variety of classic word games, including Crossword, Scrabble and Word Search. The player attempts to earn the highest score possible by creating words on empty squares and blue and red points-multiplier squares on a board while playing against an AI system. They can select one of three difficulty levels (1 Star Easy, 2 Star Medium and 3 Star Hard).

The game starts with a Scrabble-style board game with 88 tiles in a bag at the lower-right corner. The player receives six tiles underneath the board. The game assigns points based on the number on the bottom corner of each tile and any multiplier square placement of a tile. A blue multiplier square only applies to a letter (Letter Bonus). A red square combines the face value of every tile in a word and applies a multiplier to the total (Word Bonus).

The player places tiles along horizontal and vertical lines, starting with the center of the board if they lead the game, until no more tiles remain in their hand or the bag. With each new word placement, they must craft a word using at least one letter from a previous word.

Outspell offers the player an option to pass or skip their turn. It also provides a dictionary to help them come up with words based on their current tiles at any time. Lastly, it supplies a blank, wildcard tile they can use in place of any letter.

How to Play:

Review the available letter tiles. Form a word on the board with some or all of the letters. Attempt to form words on multiplier squares. Wait for the AI to make its move. Create words until no more tiles remain. When using a wildcard tile, select a letter on the virtual keyboard. If necessary, use the dictionary.


Mouse: Click buttons. Click and drag letters to the board.
Mobile: Tap buttons. Tap and drag letters.


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