Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is a word-puzzle game that offers timed and untimed play options. The player's mission is to rearrange six white letter balls horizontally into six empty blue spaces to create a wide range of words for transfer to empty white square spaces to earn points and move through each round. They receive a specific amount of points per created word and a bonus for guessing all of the words correctly.

The player must use all the letters at least once to move from one round to the next one. With Timed play, they receive only two minutes to complete this task and create as many words as possible. With Untimed play, they don't need to rush. 

Text Twist 2 offers a shuffle feature that's accessible via an onscreen Twist button or a specific keyboard key. With this tool, the player can rearrange the balls to attempt to form words or parts of words as hints. 

If the player feels frustrated with attempting to guess every word during Timed play, they can use the Give Up button after guessing the six-letter word to move onto the next round without waiting for the timer to count down.

How to Play:

Select one of the two modes. Review the empty white spaces to better understand the number of potential words for a specific number of letters during the round. Look at the six letters. Attempt to think of new words. Submit the words. Create the six-letter word first. Use the Twist option to shuffle the letters.


Keyboard: Text Twist 2 works with a computer keyboard. To spell out a word, type with the letter keys. To correct a letter, press Backspace. To send a word to the white spaces, use the Enter key. To wipe the letters away, press Tab. To twist letters, press Spacebar. Mouse: Click buttons and letter balls.
Mobile: Tap buttons and letter balls.

Text Twist 2
Text Twist 2.

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