Endless Bubbles

Endless Bubbles is a bubble shooter. Against the backdrop of a nighttime citywide alien invasion, the player attempts to earn the highest score ever by shooting projectiles to pop clusters of three or more connected, matching bubbles. As the name of the game states, it`s an endless experience unless the player allows the bubbles to slide down the playfield until one dips below the height of the projectile bubble or simply quits for the day.

The player doesn`t use an arrow, cannon, ring or similar classic shooter or a system that allows them to charge or swap projectiles. Instead, they receive a projectile on the bottom edge of the field at the center and previews of the next three available projectiles beneath the field. The game also makes a frosted searchlight that tapers to a point available as a targeting option. When the player successfully uses the projectile to create a cluster, the bubbles pop and release points that flow to an upper-center area above the field.

Endless Bubbles has a free pass system, which means that it allows the player to fail to pop bubbles freely without penalty up to five times. Unlike games that use the disappearance of commonly gray or silver-gray balls to mark these passes, this game features a lightning bolt energy icon and a number that decreases each time. When the player finally receives a penalty, a new row of bubbles flows onto the screen and the game gives them more passes.

How to Play:

Shoot the projectile at two connected bubbles that have the same color. Strategize based on the colors of the next available projectiles and the number of passes. Shoot and pop clusters of bubbles for as long as possible.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot without the searchlight, position the cursor and click. To shoot with it, press the left button, slide the mouse, and then stop pressing.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To shoot without the light, position the cursor and tap. To shoot with it, press the touch screen or pad, slide the finger or stylus, and then stop pressing.

Endless Bubbles
Endless Bubbles.

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