Magic Bubbles

Magic Bubbles is a bubble shooter that requires a player to clear playfields and perform other tasks by popping bubbles within a limited number of moves. Among the clouds in the sky above a magical land, the player follows a winding path to access the game`s many levels via buttons.

On the playfield, the game displays a hanging pattern of mixed bubbles that look like balls. The player uses a ring shoot and projectiles to create clusters of three or more matching bubbles. When they pop a cluster, they receive points and progress toward earning three achievement stars for the level and other rewards. The levels usually also feature complex challenges. The player might need to clear the entire field alone or target and pop certain bubbles.

Magic Bubbles offers several methods for the player to complete their task within the number of moves stated at the center of the ring shooter. They can swap the two projectiles displayed at any given time to increase the chance that every shot they make ends with a popped cluster. They can use a laser targeting line to guarantee direct hits. The game also offers several boosters after the player completes a specific number of levels, including bombs, laser bombs and rockets.

The player earns coins toward making helpful purchases. The game rewards them sometimes with coins and boosters.

How to Play:

Pop clusters of three or more identical bubbles with projectiles. To earn bonus points, attempt to pop clusters without using a lot of projectiles. Use and invest in boosters. Collect rewards.


Mouse: Click buttons. To shoot a projectile at matching bubbles hanging on the screen, slide the mouse and then click to shoot.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To a projectile at two or more matching bubbles, slide the finger or stylus and then tap.

Magic Bubbles
Magic Bubbles.

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