Alien Bubbles

Alien Bubbles is a bubble shooter that has arcade elements. It also features a dinosaur and some gameplay similar to Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move). Enemy alien heads of different colors have decided to attack! The player must eliminate the aliens with various weapons to prevent these monsters from harming the dinosaur.

The player receives a mechanical-style shooter made with a giant gear. They also receive colored bolt-style arrow. They can switch between colored arrows at any time to best match the closest color of alien heads. They can also select other types of weapons, such as a special rainbow-and-white crystal arrow that shoots a straight path through heads of any color and a black, skull-marked bomb arrow that takes out heads of any color in a blast radius. If they use up the limited number of special arrows, they must complete their mission with the remaining normal ones. That said, they can acquire extra arrows by watching ad videos.

Alien Bubbles doesn`t play around when it comes to the threat the aliens pose to the dinosaur and the player`s chance of winning. If the heads, which slide down the screen in a way similar to classic bubble-shooting games, reach the dinosaur, the latter burns until only ash remains on the screen. The heads also explode, which takes out everything. If the player strikes an alien head with the wrong color of arrow, all the heads slide down the screen faster.

When the player removes every enemy from the playfield, they earn points and access to new difficulty levels and backgrounds.

How to Play:

Shoot color-matched arrows at alien heads. To make every hit count, swap between colored arrows. When desired or necessary, use the special arrows.


Keyboard: Alien Bubbles makes a keyboard necessary. To reposition the arrow, use the Arrows or WASD keys. To shoot or make selections, use the Spacebar. To switch the color of the arrow, use the C key. To acquire powerups, use the V key.
Mouse: Click the opening screen. Otherwise, use the keyboard.
Mobile: Tap the opening screen.

Alien Bubbles
Alien Bubbles.

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