Bubble Hit

Another bubble shooter game has hit the online world! The objective? Creating groups of 3's and blowing bubbles of course!
Bubble Hit is a colorful and fresh bubble shooter variant. It plays like the original bubble shooter. In Bubble Hit you have to eliminate groups of 3 or more bubbles. Free up the entire field to win. You score more points if you shoot away more than 3 bubbles at a time. The game keeps track of how many times you have won, lost and the win / lose percentage.

Bubble Hit is a sensational online game, much like its predecessor, Bubble Shooter, which involves hitting bubbles of three or more groups. The main objective of the game is to clear the playing field. The bright and colorful bubbles are attractive and even more fun to shoot down.

How to play Bubble Hit

Playing isn't hard. Bubble hit has only two major elements on the field. There's the field containing various bubbles of different colors, and then your shooting bubble. Aim the shooting bubble anywhere on the playing field with the same color bubbles and release it to fire. Hitting three bubbles of the same color will eliminate them, and earn you points as you go. How to win in Bubble Hit

Winning is pretty simple, you just have to clear all the bubbles from the field. You can also shoot down more than 3 bubbles at one go, provided they are of the same color. The game awards you more points for every hit that eliminates more than 3 bubbles at a go. In bubble hit, you can always access your history to see how many wins or losses you have made before.


Bubble hit is an extremely simple, yet addictive game that is a great pass time and stress reliever. It is fit for all levels of players, whether you're a beginner or pro-level online gamer, you will enjoy playing this game. The best part is that Bubble hit is free, so even casual gamers can get to enjoy the full sensation of playing the game.
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