Gem 11

I started playing Game Gem 11 with no instructions but it was fairly easy to pick up. You are matching like gems to make better gems. Most gems start at a level one and you combine like levels of gems side by side or up and down. Not every gem pops up as a level one though. Sometimes a bonus pops up in the place of the gem you just moved that you can combine with any gem level 1-3. And sometimes a level two or three gem pops up. The goal of each level is to keep going until you run out of moves. Once I ran out of moves the round ended and I was asked to watch a video to keep going on the same level. I chose not to watch the ad so the game gave me a score and brought me back to the beginning. This game is super addictive and I wanted to keep playing. I have no idea how high the gems go but I made it to level 6 with the gem phases. This game definitely requires you to plan your moves ahead of time so you don't run out of moves. I will definitely be keeping this game to play in the future.
Bubble Shooter