Heroes of match 3

From the adorable characters, the power ups, and the story line coming across this game had me hooked from the beginning. King Donut bravely fighting on the front lines with you to help protect his land is out of this world. Creating a line of 3 or more matches adds more ammo under your belt and that aids in your fight. With no time limit it provides a new dynamic and sets it above other games similar to it. The adrenaline from each matching each set of three or more and the rush of achieving 3 and new characters unlocked, it keeps you hooked. Each level creates new and even more exciting feats. From new heroes, to super balls, to revealing more and more of the story there is absolutely zero doubt this game will have you hooked for hours and eagerly anticipating the next time you can sneak away and demolish another round. For research purposes, I will continue to make my way through each level until I reach the end. (Yes it really is that good)
Bubble Shooter